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Why Your Springfield Business Needs a Website

Every Business needs a website! This may seem like a no-brainer but, the truth is, even today, many companies and home-based businesses do not yet have websites. Personally, there have been many times I tried to look up at a company online and couldn’t find it.That may sound extreme, but in today’s world of technology, when so much information is available and web design is easy, it’s a little frustrating when you can’t access a website with the click of a button. As a Springfield, IL business owner, there are several reasons you should use a professional website designer.

1. Customer Convenience. 

As noted above, many of your potential customers want details before they buy. They want to be able to see a product, learn more about a company, or do some price comparisons before making the decision to purchase. Your website gives them an opportunity to do just that.

2. Open 24/7.

Some people are night owls others are early birds. Some work third shift. And some are across the planet in a completely different time zone from our own. And that is why it is important for your business information to be attainable at any given moment of the day. In essence, having a website allows you to “work” even while you sleep.

3. Inexpensive Advertising.

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising. For a mere few dollars per month, you can build a professional looking web design with much more information than you’d be able to fit in a brochure. Include everything from product details to testimonials to contact info.

4. Sell Your Products.

Online sales increase by large percentages every year. More and more, people are turning to the internet for their shopping needs. There’s never been a better time or an easier way to increase your business and your sales. Face-to-face sales may still be the heart of your success. But when billions of dollars are spent each year on internet purchases, there’s no reason you shouldn’t setup your own e-commerce solution – see Unola Web Design.

5. Great Recruiting Tool.

If you work in direct sales, creating a website could be the single best thing you can do to recruit prospective consultants. People are sometimes more comfortable checking out business opportunities in the privacy of their own home than in person, where they may feel pressured to join your team. This way, they can review your site at their leisure and get all the information they need before making their final decision. Plus, there’s no need to fear you’ll leave out crucial details. Everything your potential recruit needs to know will be thoroughly presented and laid out for them to see.

6. Exposure.

By posting links to your website in your signature lines, emails you send out, and on message boards, you are introducing your business to thousands of people you would never otherwise reach.

7. Low-Cost Marketing 

Web design pages may be built quickly and inexpensively. They can offer more information in more formats than traditional print media. Consider the possibility of adding audio, video or an unlimited number of photos to your sales and marketing effort. Updates can also be completed quickly and easily. Traditional marketing campaigns can’t compete with the scope and low cost of a website.

Cleaning, Saving Money

How a Homemade Shower Cleaner Saves Money

A majority of people find it quite challenging to clean their bathrooms. They are also not fond of purchasing commercial products that are usually costly. A homemade shower cleaner is a perfect alternative to commercial cleaning agents. Green cleaning products have become a darling of many users. These products are considered environmentally friendly and are, therefore, ideal for household maintenance routines. They are usually cheap and incorporate far less harmful chemicals compared to their commercial counterparts.

Health Benefits of Using Homemade Cleaning Products

Apart from being affordable, green cleaning products also come with various health benefits. They are ideal for individuals who suffer from certain respiratory ailments. Excessive use of particular chemicals, within an indoor environment, has been shown to exacerbate both allergy and asthma-related illnesses.

Your immune system can also be adversely affected by a routine use of commercial cleaning agents that kill all forms of germs and bacteria. On the contrary, numerous green products remain efficient in eliminating various forms of harmful germs without contaminating the home with chemicals. Such products can assist homeowners to achieve cleanliness and balance without adversely affecting their respiratory or immune systems.

Why Choose a Homemade Cleaner?

Hard water is not ideal for a shower. A film forms on the shower and requires to be removed as soon as possible to avoid more problems. Abrasive cleaners are not the best alternative for cleaning showers, particularly those made of acrylic. Such cleaners might cause scratches on a shower making it even difficult to clean in the future. You can check online for the best recipes for making homemade cleaners. The internet is an essential tool that can help you to review various recipes including those ideal for a shower. Homemade shower cleaners will save you from buying unnecessary artificial cleaning agents in the market today.


How to Make a Homemade Shower Cleaner

You will just need a few ingredients to make a homemade daily shower cleaner including:

-Liquid dish soap (1 teaspoon)

-Rubbing alcohol (1/2 cup)

– Hydrogen peroxide (1/2 cup)

-Dishwater rinse aid (Either Finish or Jet Dry) (1 tablespoon)

-Water (3 cups).


Pour the rubbing alcohol, peroxide, rinse aid, and dish soap into a clean plastic spray bottle. Add water slowly to the particular solution. You can utilize a funnel for performing the procedure appropriately and without experiencing any problem. Ensure you have mixed all your ingredients thoroughly.


After showering, mist the spray on your shower walls to assist you in cleaning the shower efficiently. There is no need to wipe. However, you need to know that hydrogen peroxide quickly breaks down in the presence of light. As a consequence, it is usually stored in dark brown bottles. If you wish to use the cleaner for a long time, it is crucial to store the mixture in a cupboard. This is among the best and the most efficient homemade shower cleaners that homeowners can use on daily basis.

Safety Precautions:

In each cleaning procedure, you perform, ensure you have adhered with sanitary protection to prevent ailments. For instance, you should wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap after cleaning the enclosures. It is also vital to utilize, gloves, masks, and other safety gloves to protect most parts of your body while cleaning your shower.

Other Natural Alternatives that Work Perfectly

-You can use alcohol to clean the closures. Just apply alcohol directly to the target parts and then use a cloth to eliminate the stains immediately.

-Use baking soda to get rid of soap scum.

-You can also utilize your homemade cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting other areas outside your bathroom including spots on doors, painted door frames, and wall tiles.

-For extremely tough messes and stained tubs, you can use a homemade scouring powder.

-For grout, just spray baking soda on your floor. Then spray with undiluted hydrogen peroxide and then utilize a gentle toothbrush for scrubbing.

-For stuck on gunk, especially in the tub and shower, clean using baking soda and waste paste. Alternatively, you can use vinegar for extremely tough stains.

-A 50/50 water/ vinegar solution can be utilized to clean soap scum in the shower, as well as, cleaning cabinet fronts, counters, and tiles.

-To remove any mineral deposits from the shower heads, put some vinegar in a plastic bag. Then use a rubber band to attach the bag to your shower. Dip the shower heads containing mineral deposits in some vinegar for about 12 hours. Afterward, utilize clean water to rinse the shower heads to ensure that they are no mineral deposit left and are sparkling clean.

In summary, using a homemade shower cleaner helps homeowners to save lots of money. Homemade cleaning products also come with many health benefits. They are seen as the best and safest alternative to commercial cleaning agents. Always store your homemade cleaner in a safe place.

Increasing Income, Travel

Making Extra Income by Renting Your Michigan Vacation Home

You can now make a profit by renting your Michigan vacation home. A vacation rental is increasingly gaining traction in Michigan and is a dawning reality for homeowners. Michigan area receives guests throughout the year, owing to the numerous entertainment activities that offer a perfect holiday experience. It is an all season affair, as many travelers consider vacation homes safer, enjoyable and affordable. Based on objective consumer reviews, vacation homes reduce a family’s food and accommodation expenses and offer the ultimate comfort. Renting your vacation home also presents an incredible opportunity to make a profit from your house all year round.

There are several reasons why people offer their homes for vacation rentals. First, it can be a family business, rather than a venture that might take more time away from your kids and spouse. Secondly, there is the need to offset the cost of ownership, which means that you can make money and pay partly for your property. The fact of the matter is that you can make incredibly good money out of renting your home for vacation. Thirdly, because of the sheer thrill of sharing your fantastic home with others, homeowners converting their homes to vacation rentals feel a sense of pride.

Based on recent statistics, people prefer vacation homes to staying in hotels. Online vacation rentals are on upward trend with 60% of vacation homes being provided by individuals while 40% being done by property agents. You can make a choice between hiring a property management company and having your family manage the rental. In most cases, if you live far away then the only option is to have a professional manage the property.

If you are a newbie in the market seeking to reap profits from vacation rentals, be sure to weigh some considerations. Consider looking into the services of professional realtors when it comes to selling your property. Before you familiarize yourself with the industry, it is always important to call in a property management expert to assist. It is a wise decision to look for a vacation property management company around your area of Michigan to assist. As this is a budding industry, there are several good ones ready to help. A real estate agent understands the value of your home and other important steps you need to take so as to obtain maximum benefits. Finer issues such as pricing your property and insurance require expert advice. The insurance policy for your home is such a crucial item since it protects the home and owner from losses.

If you are ready to rent out your property, the first step is to get a listing website. Get on a reliable online home vacation rental marketplace and have your property listed. Usually, online listings attract a small commission when a client books. Once the clients become frequent, a subscription for the listing becomes appropriate. Most importantly, it gives an assurance that your property is fully booked and gives you a fair share of profits.

When you want to make the most profit from your home, choose one of Michigan’s finer vacation property management services to help you market and manage the property. A good property manager connects you to millions of travelers struggling to find a vacation home for their next holiday. You might pay a little more in commissions, but the constant flow of guests and profit will be well worth it.